Friday, October 29, 2010

Desperate Housewife Desperate for God and Someone to Clean Up Puke!

Well, I thought since chaotic September was O.V.E.R that October would be a breeze.You know, just being able to keep up on the everyday housework and simple errands bring me much joy after such a pileup. But that was very short lived. Boy, I live for the days where I can get dressed with makeup on and the kiddos and I can get out for an errand or park day and still have energy in the afternoon to do the things that keep this house a-roll'n! But then the flu hit and not once, or twice, but now three times!Peep1 down for 5 days with bad sinus infection. Peep6 is on his third day with the flu. Last Thursday after a much needed fun day at the Pumpkin Patch, Peep3's school called to say she threw up. And the week before that half of us were sick. Was'up?!! And now my house and I feel like we're a-rock'n! And not in a good way!

Needless to say it's been a little frustrating! And there have been moments where I've cried out to God after cleaing up puke with one toddler, calming another crying sick toddler, and being kicked by the third one! That was the  straw that broke the camel's back. After all I'd missed my MOPS group for the third meeting in a row! Couldn't God give me just a small 2 hour break with no sick peeps so that I could get some fellowship time in? Is that too much to ask? I've been in tears several times this week. Come on God you know how lonely and isolated I've been lately! But I know what God has been teaching me for the last month, before these little storms hit. I know He's been calling me HOME. Home? Seriously? How much more HOME can I get?!!

I knew the foundation of our HOME needed some work. Relationships. Nutrition-meals. And our marriage - time spent with my Hubby (Daddy Rooster)! But then we added the little storms and I saw that my heart needed to be in the right place as well. Yes, God is calling me HOME. The highest and the most beautiful calling is to my family. I picked up a book from the library called Passionate Housewives Desperate for God by Chancey and McDonald. It really helped put some things into perspective for me as a Homemaker. I appreciated the biblical view of our often misguided perception of such an important profession. Although there are areas in the book that I know is not me as well and have a hard time stomaching, I can keep an open heart and let God mold me into the Homemaker He designed ME to be! Read it if you dare!

God has been so gracious to me during this hard time. He has given me a scripture when all I had was literally a minute to read His Word! He has spoken to my heart re: relationships with my peeps. Shown me where I've been wrong. Or where I've been looking at situations through my own wrong colored glasses and not through His perfect ones! Shown me where I am strong. Given me such a blessing in my wonderful husband that is my best friend! And He's somehow kept me physically going! He is Good!

I'm off now to help a chickie climb into a chair, read a book to another chickie wanting my time, and holding a bowl for the third chickie to puke into! And in the midst of some tears, I'm happy to be the one to do all of this and more! I love being Mama Hen!