Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Joy of Giggles - Anne of Green Gables Chapter One

Anne of Green Gables started off a little rough. As Chapter One is not so easy to read outloud. But as the character of Mrs. Rachel Lynde emerged from the breathy sentences of pastoral description, something began to change. "Are you done yet?" quickly turned into "That's terrible, the way she talks." "Who does she think she is?" to quieter thoughts when Mrs. Rachel gives her terrible advice as to the reasons of NOT adopting. (This will make for interesting discussion today about how my amazing adopted daughter of 6 views adoption and how she thinks others perceive it as well.)  Then came complete shrieks of joy & giggles of delight as my 12 year old daughter realized the boy orphan at the train station, was not a boy at all!

So, on our kind-of-sort-of, first day of school, we found the reason we homeschool in the Joy of Giggles today!

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  1. A twelve year old 'light-bulb moment'!!! What fun. I personally love Anne of Green Gables. I'm sure the kiddos will too once ya get into it!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a beautiful weekend!!! :o)