Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sick Days - Very Little Tot School

We knew we were in trouble when we found this little chickie on the couch asleep.
She actually fell asleep  in her brother's sweet.
Peep5 has not done this since she was tiny, so we knew something was up!

Then we found this one too tired to sit up to play!
Then I turned around and found this one...!
Our Big Peeps came to the rescue later and built and amazing
mess fort for the little chickies!
I love this pic of my almost 6ft tall teen playing with his little brother!

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I so appreciate everyones advice on buying pipe cleaners
for stringing beads. Even Peep4 got the hang of it this week!
We started letter "A" this week!
I really like these free printables from
I was excited I found colored sticks at the dollar store, but
quickly found that the babies like to suck on them!
Thus, the colored lips! gross!
That is it! I'm exhausted!
 The"something" got Mama Hen too!
I haven't been this sick for days  since before the chickies were born!
Trying to survive with books, High Chair time, a movie here and there, and some serious


  1. oh man, sorry to hear everyone is sick. We had it go around our house last week although I was lucky enough to mostly escape it. I adore that picture of big brother and little brother playing under the table or chair or something. That is precious. Hope y'all are back on your feet again soon!

  2. Yikes! Sorry everyone is sick! Hope you're all feeling better soon!

    What a great idea about pipecleaners for beading! I'll have to try that!

    Visiting you from Tot School!