Friday, August 19, 2011



That about sums up this last year of wrestling with God re: Peep3's education!

I'm sure if you read thru this blog, you will clearly see God leading us to homeschool. But sometimes what he asks of us doesn't always make sense to anyone else but HIM!

But He is so faithful to not give up on me. To show me in more ways than neccessary His will.

The last two weeks have been quite something as I went thru all of our schooling options for this coming fall. Knowing in my heart we need to homeschool her. But not landing on anything about drove my husband crazy! And then as I was about to give up, I heard God whisper to me, "If I was in your home today, face to face with you, what would you tell me about homeschooling her?"

With that final surrender, to my sweet Lord, came the peace that I have been waiting for. A still small voice has been telling me that "I already know what to do and what to teach her" and to "trust Him".

And then today, I was blessed to find a homeschool option that will allow her to go two days a week to get the individualized reading, writing, and math help that she needs. And that was my biggest challenge. I want to get her all the help she needs, even though she is almost done with her IEP. We have done a partnership school before. But this one has been around for many years and their approach to working with us as parents/teachers and the student is quite impressive. And they teach all the way thru high school. (I was happy to see all of the high school options). Then I turned around to see two ladies, from my church, who are serving on their parent committee! And we are able to carpool with Peep3's best friend and another girl from her class last year. And it looks like we might be able to borrow some curriculum for what I will be teaching!

We are now on our way! Thank you, Lord!

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