Friday, August 26, 2011

Prayer Needed!

I have been so moved at the miracles happening over at A Place Called Simplicity and how God moves it mighty ways. Truly amazing! You must read what God is doing over there!

And as I read her latest posts...I want to share one of Linny's quotes:
 "God's plans defy all odds.
God's plans supercede all logic.
God's miracles mystify all human reasoning.
God's plans trump eve
ry single human plan.
Every single time!"

God is good all the time!
So Here's my little prayer requests:
God has so provided for us in major miracle working ways re: our home and some of our finances! Praise God! We are able to move into a smaller home w/ the smallest mortgage we've ever had! And we now have a payed for van! Praise God! But with all of that we are still hit with needs that seem so big at the moment.
+We need My Father's World Curriculum: Exploring Countries and Cultures to borrow or get a great deal on!
+We need some items to sell so that we can finish strong now!
+We need God to open or close the doors to the 2 day a week school for Ashley. They said they won't know for a few more weeks. I need to be able to plan!
+We need God's peace and presence as our home goes on the market and that I stay sane while we keep it clean! Pray for my children! :)
So that's a little of what's going on here! How about you? Need prayer?

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