Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finding Joy NOW

Sometimes life gets out of control.
Sometimes life gives you almost more than you can handle in a few short weeks.
The loss of our last adopted baby (embryo). A job change for hubby. Financial pressure.
Decision to sell our home. Finding a new home. A teen seeing how far he can run. Three 2 year olds. And potty training triplets!

But when you get to the breaking the point of surrender.....
There is Joy!

And Joy is there even in the midst of pain, conflict and the trial.
But it is up to us if we choose to see it or not.
Life changes. It can change our perspective on many things.
But true Joy remains constant and true and always dependable.

I found myself singing in the midst of it all, "The Joy of the Lord is my strength."
As that was all my soul could cling to.
It was my lifeline.

I didn't choose to have LIFE hit like this.
No one would.
I don't like how far my thought process led me away from Joy.
I seem so far from the girl I once was. Even the young joyful mother I once was.
I have always found Joy in my circumstances. And in motherhood.
But am I living Joy?
Am I embracing Joy?
Am I living in Joy?
As our Pastor today said, "Are we living IN Him? In Jesus?"
Am I celebrating all the wonderful gifts God has given me?

Well it's time!
I've considered deleting all the previous posts.
They are not all that happy and positive.
I will not.
As this will be a milestone of God's work in my heart.
And a declaration of "Finding Joy NOW!"

I'm finding Joy in His provision of a beautiful... smaller home...smaller payment!
I'm finding Joy in the moments when I know ALL my children are home and safe!
I'm finding Joy as I snuggle my darling daughter during church!
I'm finding Joy that I do have food in my panty even though I need to be creative!
I'm finding Joy in a faithful, loving husband!

Are you needing Joy? He is always there! Waiting for you! It's up to you to seek Him!

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  1. I've been following you since you were pregnant with triplets. I'm right there with you on this one. Sometimes it's hard to find the joy in the trials but they are there!