Friday, August 27, 2010

Posts For The Homeschool Junkie

Today I was thrilled! OK, I'm a homeschool junkie! I get my thrills from reading homeschooling blogs and books! What's up with that?!!

I couldn't read fast enough during the "twippets'" naps!

And now I get to pass them on to you!

Se7en - Things I would Do If I Had To Start Homeschooling Over

Rockin' Granola - Practically Imperfect In Every Way

The Homeschool Village - Guest Post Carisa from 1+1+1=1

Simple Homeschool - Encouragement-Reflections From A Homeschool Graduate

Have fun reading!

Watch out for more Posts For The Homeschool Junkie and a linky to add yours as well!

1 comment:

  1. Love these! I am an info junkie too and can waste hours reading through all this stuff! Thanks for the links, I loved reading all of them